Welcome to my Dragonknight Tank build for Dragon Bones patch. This build is aimed at End-Game PvE content but works as it is on basic overland content.

Here you can find info on how to setup your attributes, what gear you should use, how to set your skill bars and champion points.




Max Magicka: 15000 – 20000

Max Health: 30000 – 45000

Max Stamina: 16000 – 22000

Magicka Recovery: 800 – 1100













10 Magicka, 40 Health, 14 Stamina





Don’t have access to some of the recommended gear or want to use something else? Here’s other options you can go with such as:

You can switch Bloodspawn to Lord Warden’s Dusk or The Engine Guardian.

You can use Torug’s Pact instead of Roar Of Alkosh.

For possible panic situations, it’s recommended to use Earthgore as your monster set.

Ebon Armory can be switched to Plague Doctor or Akaviri Dragonguard.

If you need to be as tanky as possible, you can run Plague Doctor paired with Green Pact.

Item Set Info:


Lord Warden’s Dusk

The Engine Guardian


Ebon Armory

Plague Doctor

Akaviri Dragonguard

Green Pact

Roar Of Alkosh

Torug’s Pact





Front Bar

Igneous Shield, Heroic Slash, Green Dragon Blood, Pierce Armor, Balance, Aggressive War Horn

Back Bar

Unrelenting Grip, Engulfing Flames, Choking Talons, Inner Rage, Hardened Armor, Magma Shell


You can switch around the places of abilities depending on how you like.


Changeable Abilities:

Hardened Armor to Efficient Purge

Hardened Armor to Energy Orbs

Hardened Armor to Deep Breath

Hardened Armor to Echoing Vigor

Hardened Armor to Absorb Magicka


If you’re new to the game or Dragonknight class in general, I suggest you to read carefully what the different abilities do, how much they cost, whats their duration, cast time etc. so you understand how you should rotate your abilities and how they work.




Food: Max Health & Stamina & Magicka Food: Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce

Potions: Essence Of Health (Tri-Stat), Essence Of Health, Essence Of Magicka, Essence Of Stamina




atronachThe Atronach:

Increases your Magicka Recovery




As a tank, we don’t have a specific skill rotation, but there’s a few things you need to keep up doing over:

Before you enter combat, apply Hardened Armor and Igneous Shield to gain little damage mitigation and group shields.

Apply Pierce Armor to larger mobs (+200 K Health) and on bosses. Refresh approx. 12 seconds per target. It reduces target’s spell and physical resistance by 5280 for 12 seconds and keeps them taunted to you.

Use Igneous Shield whenever you need to absorb some damage or your group needs shielding.

Green Dragon Blood is your panic heal, when thing’s get tough and you need an instant heal, use it.

Heroic Slash is your damage reduction and ultimate generation tool, use it whenever it runs out.

Unrelenting Grip is one of your Crowd Control tools, when enemy is too far from you, use this to pull it to you. This doesn’t work on all enemies like bosses.

Choking Talons is one of your Crowd Control tools, when you face a pack of enemies, use this to root them to the ground, allowing players to use a high damage synergy to damage them.

Inner Rage is your ranged taunt, use this when you can’t run to the enemy to taunt it with your Pierce Armor or you need more stamina than magicka.

Engulfing Flames makes the enemy take 10% more fire damage, resulting in huge damage boost for your group. Try to keep this up

Hardened Armor is your damage mitigation buff and also one of your flex spots. Keep it up whenever you can, but if you need to find room for something else on your bars, this is the ability you want to replace first.

Magma Shell is your panic ultimate, when you’re facing tough situation and you just need to survive, use this ultimate.

Aggressive War Horn is your main ultimate, use it on cooldown to buff group’s resources and damage.




Racial: All Passives


  • Ardent Flame: Warmth
  • Draconic Power: All Passives
  • Earthen Heart: All Passives

One Hand And Shield: All Passives

Light Armor: Recovery, Evocation

Heavy Armor: All Passives

Mages Guild: All Passives

Fighters Guild: Banish The Wicked

Undaunted: All Passives

Support: Magicka Aid

Vampirism (Optional): Supernatural Recovery, Undeath

Alchemy: Medicinal Use



720 CP:


The Lord: 10 Quick Recovery

The Lady: 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 56 Ironclad, 28 Spell Shield


The Ritual: 48 Precise Strikes, 43 Mighty

The Atronach: –

The Apprentice: 76 Blessed, 73 Elfborn


The Shadow: 61 Shadow Ward, 40 Tumbling

The Lover: 49 Arcanist, 56 Tenacity

The Tower: 34 Warlord

300 CP:


The Lord: –

The Lady: 27 Hardy, 27 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 23 Ironclad


The Ritual: –

The Atronach: –

The Apprentice: 50 Blessed, 50 Elfborn


The Shadow: –

The Lover: 64 Arcanist, 36 Tenacity

The Tower: –





  • Updated build for Dragon Bones DLC.
  • Changes to Champion Points: 10 more points for each constellation.


    1. Shrediful says:

      Sorry if it seems the same as his build(?), just really can’t figure out how as we have different set recommendations, skill bars, CP and propably the playstyle as well. However, it’s more of a problem with the game’s build diversity and available options other than people just ”copying” other’s build(s). As a tank or basicly any role, we have certain thing’s that work and certain which doesn’t, I make my skill choices around that and use what I find the best option.

      I always gladly welcome criticism, but comment’s like your’s isn’t helping anyone anyhow, thanks anyway…

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