Welcome to my Stamina Sorcerer build for Dragon Bones patch. This build is aimed at End-Game PvE content but works as it is on basic overland content.

Here you can find info on how to setup your attributes, what gear you should use, how to set your skill bars and champion points.




Max Magicka: 9000 – 11000

Max Health: 16000 – 18000

Max Stamina: 36000 – 41000

Weapon Damage: 3000 – 4200

Weapon Critical: 40 – 60 %











0 Magicka, 0 Health, 64 Stamina





What weapon trait should I choose?

Infused Main Hand with Precise Off Hand is the go to choice if you only wanna push higher damage on single target.

Nirnhoned Main Hand is the best choice overall and provides best balance between both AOE and single target damage.

Recommended choice is to go Nirnhoned on Main Hand, Infused Off Hand and Nirnhoned on Backup Hand Weapon.

Don’t have access to some of the recommended gear or want to use something else? Here’s other options you can go with such as:

You can switch Stormfist to Velidreths, Selenes or Kraghs.

Automaton can be switched to Night Mothers Gaze if someone else in the group doesn’t use it already or if you need more penetration.

Automaton can be switched to Hundings Rage if you don’t have access to it.

You can also use Mechanical Acuity instead of Automatons.

If you play solo or want to spec for Maelstrom Arena, use Twice Fanged Snake or Spriggans instead of Automaton.


To maximize your single target damage, you’ll want to use Damage Health Poison IX on your Bow instead of Disease enchant.

Item Set Info:






Hundings Rage

Mechanical Acuity

Night Mothers Gaze

Twice Fanged Snake

Spriggans Thorns

Vicious Ophidian





Front Bar

Deadly Cloak, Rending Slashes, Hurricane, Shrouded Daggers, Bound Armaments, Flawless Dawnbreaker

Back Bar

Rearming Trap, Endless Hail, Razor Caltrops, Poison Injection, Bound Armaments, Greater Storm Atronach


You can switch around the places of abilities as long as you keep the same abilities on same bars. However you can switch places with Rearming Trap and Hurricane if you prefer to have your trap on front bar and Hurricane on back bar.


Changeable Abilities:

Rending Slashes to Steel Tornado

Bound Armaments to Critical Surge

Bound Armaments to Resolving Vigor

Greater Storm Atronach to Ballista


If you’re new to the game or Sorcerer class in general, I suggest you to read carefully what the different abilities do, how much they cost, whats their duration, cast time etc. so you understand how you should rotate your abilities and how they work.




Food: Max Health & Stamina Food: Braised Rabbit With Spring Vegetables

Potions: Essence Of Weapon Power



warriorThe Warrior:

Increases your Weapon Damage

If you only play solo or want to spec for Maelstrom Arena, use:

loverThe Lover:

Increases your Physical and Spell Penetration




Before you enter combat, apply Deadly Cloak and Hurricane. Keep all refreshed during rotation whenever they run out. Replace Shrouded Dagger with Hurricane and Deadly Cloak when you need to.

20 Second Rotation:

Endless Hail, LA, Rearming Trap, LA, Razor Caltrops, LA, Poison Injection, Swap

HA, Rending Slashes, HA, Shrouded Daggers, HA, Shrouded Daggers, HA, Shrouded Daggers

Endless Hail, LA, Rearming Trap, LA, Razor Caltrops, LA, Poison Injection, Swap

HA, Rending Slashes, HA, Shrouded Daggers, HA, Shrouded Daggers, HA, Shrouded Daggers



Explanation for Terms:

LA = Light Attack

HA = Heavy Attack

Swap = Switch Bars



Racial: All Passives


  • Dark Magic: Unholy Knowledge
  • Daedric Summoning: Power Stone, Daedric Protection
  • Storm Calling: Energized, Implosion, Expert Mage

Dual Wield: All Passives

Bow: All Passives

Medium Armor: All Passives

Heavy Armor: Juggernaut

Fighters Guild: All Passives

Undaunted: All Passives

Vampirism (Optional): Supernatural Recovery, Undeath

Alchemy: Medicinal Use



720 CP:


The Lord: 10 Quick Recovery

The Lady: 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 56 Ironclad, 28 Spell Shield


The Ritual: 66 Thaumaturge, 64 Mighty, 48 Precise Strikes, 31 Piercing

The Atronach: 31 Master At Arms

The Apprentice: –


The Shadow: 31 Shadow Ward, 34 Tumbling

The Lover: 75 Mooncalf, 56 Tenacity

The Tower: 44 Warlord

300 CP:


The Lord: –

The Lady: 27 Hardy, 27 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 23 Ironclad


The Ritual: 20 Thaumaturge, 23 Mighty, 28 Precise Strikes, 29 Piercing

The Atronach: –

The Apprentice: –


The Shadow: –

The Lover: 64 Mooncalf, 36 Tenacity

The Tower: –







  • Updated build for Dragon Bones DLC.
  • Changes to Champion Points: 10 more points for each constellation.
  • Added new rotation showcase video.



  1. 8limbscientist says:

    Are you going to do another 2h version? I have everything I need except two vo daggers. God vo weps are a bitch to farm for.

    1. Shrediful says:

      Not sure, I’m currently in process to farm all necessary items for the Two Handed build so if/when I get them, I will see if the build I had previously works okay or do I need to change a lot of stuff for it. However, I keep you updated on my front page!

  2. Lastnameunknown says:

    So there is a lot of discussion around what to wear for dps testing… Many argue using the lover stone is cheesing the DPS test. Meanwhile most wear twicefang during the dummy test for about the same amount of pen. I’ve seen 30 points dumped in CP for adding pen on dummies and throwing on a Kragh set for dummy tests as well.

    The 35k in your video, how much pen did you have and what sources did you pull it from?

    Also what are your thoughts on pen goals and standards for dps testing?

    1. Shrediful says:

      In my opinion using Lover stone is cheesing. Twice Fanged Snake is okay, but I rarely use it. I always have 29-30 points in Piercing to compensate trial debuff downtimes as they rarely are 100% up.

      In specific to this DPS test with this build I had total penetration of 2,7k only (all from CP).

      My standards are always to test stuff with trial setup meaning NO support sets (TFS, NMG, Sunder, or any outside buffs and always Warrior mundus) to get any cheated DPS results.

      However, I have used TFS on one of my tests with Stamina Nightblade as I dont have any other gear for it (I dont play trials with it this patch as my focus is more Stamina Templar) and on one test of Stamina Templar I used NMG. So in short, I hate cheesing, it makes all the results tell you nothing.

  3. 8limbscientist says:

    How’s my favourite theory crafter? Have u ever considered branching out into PvP builds? Would love to see ur take on a 2h maelstrom or asylum/master’s how PvP Redguard Stamsorc.

    1. Shrediful says:

      I’m good, thanks! Umm haven’t really thought about it as I rarely PvP, but I’ve had my mindset on giving it a try and see how it is. I don’t really think I’m gonna make any builds for PvP at least anytime soon, unless I figure out something unique and special, but we’ll see! How are you? 🙂

  4. Itty Mohr says:

    Hello, I am new to the game & espicially this type of play style. I am currently a wood elf & wolf would I still be able to use this build? Would it be beneficial to drop the wolf ultimate for one of the ones listed here? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, ty in advance.

    1. Shrediful says:

      Het! Wood Elf is fine for this build, or any stamina based build! Werewolf gives you nothing useful in PvE content so yes you’re better off using what the build says. Good luck with your journey!

  5. Nordlys says:

    Am i missing something badly or why cant i see the two handed version of the skillset and skillrotation?
    Anyways very nice and clear guides on this site!

    1. Shrediful says:

      Yeah I removed the Two Handed setup some time ago as I find it having way too big of a cap in survivability and DPS comparing to Dual Wielding, that I can’t recommend anyone to use it. And thanks! 😛

  6. 8limbscientist says:

    Here’s a good question for you. Why is it both you and Alcast use weapon dmg potions, when ur builds have potentially two sources of weapon dmg (Crit surge and shrouded daggers)? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Please explain. Also keep up the good work/thx.

    1. Shrediful says:

      Potions are the only reliable source for these buffs (Major Savagery, Major Brutality) and Weapon Power potions also gives us better sustain (more Stamina per potion) which is very important in Trials.

      Make sure you have Alchemy Leveled up on all of your Damage characters as Medicinal Use passive is a must have in order to keep these buffs up.

      While abilities can you give you some of these buffs, it’s not reliable. Potions are must have for all End-Game characters, even just for the added extra resource return from Spell/Weapon Power Potions.

      1. 8limbscientist says:

        Hmmmm. What I’ve been doing is using two sources of weapon power from skills (Crit surge and crowded), and using weapon Crit potions (wep Crit, healing, Stam). Is this suboptimal?

      2. Shrediful says:

        No as long your Major Brutality and Savagery is up 100% of the time. I dont know if Weapon Critical Potions give you the extra stamina or no as I have never used them myself.

  7. 8limbscientist says:

    Last question dude. I love Ballista, you seemed to be a fan of the ultimate in the past as well. What caused you to make the switch to Greater Storm Atro? I do like the idea of using more sorc skills.

    1. Shrediful says:

      Ballista is still the top second choice for the ultimate, but Storm Atronach is way better in utility, as it provides synergy which gives the user Major Berserk (25% Damage boost) for a short period of time. Someplaces it’s not that good to use Atronach ultimate as it counts as a pet, so Ballista is our second option still. Also Atro is doing higher Single Target Damage than ballista is according to my testing.

  8. 8limbscientist says:

    I’m so freakin waiting for ur Stamsorc for Summer set. Shred theory crafting will inspire me to dust off this game and get back in it!

  9. Robert T says:

    Shredd I need summerset builds my man. I’ve always found out in the real world that out of all the content creators your cp allocation and rotations are the best.

  10. B!ack Soul says:

    I started my first toon as a redguard stamina nightblade. I’ve leveled him mainly on dual wield and bow. My original plan was to develop also his 2H skills down the line. However, at my current level of 46, Ive noticed that I have difficulty engaging mobs. So I started thinking that instead of 2H, I develop sorcery skills for AoE.

    My question is, is it feasible to use my redguard nightblade for sorcery? Not interested in developing another alt for now. Tried googling and misc forums but I can’t get a satisfactory answer.

    TY in advance for the help.

    1. 8limbscientist says:

      Hey dude. Redguards are Stam kings and work on with all Stam classes. They won’t offer you anything for your Magicka toon. U would be better off grinding up a High Elf (Magicka kings). That is if you can stomach playing a frigging elf.

  11. 8limbscientist says:

    I think we’re scewed guys. Shred has disappeared. We’ll have to figure out theory crafting and build perfecting for our selves now :'(.

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