Welcome to my Stamina Nightblade build for Dragon Bones patch. This build is made for end-game trial and dungeon environment.

Here you can find info on how to setup your attributes, what gear you should use, how to set your skill bars and champion points.




Max Magicka: 9000 – 11000

Max Health: 16000 – 18000

Max Stamina: 31000 – 38000

Weapon Damage: 3000 – 4600

Weapon Critical: 60 – 90 %










0 Magicka, 0 Health, 64 Stamina





What weapon trait should I choose?

Nirnhoned Main Hand is the best choice overall and provides best balance between both AOE and single target damage.

Infused Off Hand is the best choice for off hand weapon due decreasing both of our weapon’s enchant cooldown and giving us higher uptime on Weapon Damage enchant.

Precise as a Main/Off Hand trait isn’t that great currently due the use of Mechanical Acuity and Nirnhoned/Infused combo outperforming them in most situations.

Recommended choice is to go Nirnhoned on Main Hand, Infused Off Hand and Nirnhoned on Backup Hand Weapon.

Don’t have access to some of the recommended gear or want to use something else? Here’s other options you can go with such as:

You can switch Velidreth to Selenes or Kraghs.

Mechanical Acuity can be switched to Night Mothers Gaze if someone else in the group doesn’t use it already or if you need more penetration.

War Machine can be switched to Vicious Ophidian for more self sustain but in result of damage loss.

You can also use Hundings Rage instead of Mechanical Acuity.


To maximize your single target damage, you’ll want to use Damage Health Poison IX on your Bow instead of Disease enchant. If you need more sustain, use one Stamina Recovery enchant on your jewelry instead of Weapon Damage.

Item Set Info:




Mechanical Acuity

Hundings Rage

Night Mothers Gaze

War Machine

Vicious Ophidian





Front Bar

Killers Blade, Rending Slashes, Relentless Focus, Surprise Attack, Deadly Cloak, Flawless Dawnbreaker

Back Bar

Rearming Trap, Endless Hail, Razor Caltrops, Poison Injection, Leeching Strikes, Soul Harvest


You can switch around the places of abilities as long as you keep the same abilities on same bars.


Changeable Abilities:

Rending Slashes to Steel Tornado

Leeching Strikes to Resolving Vigor

If you’re new to the game or Nightblade class in general, I suggest you to read carefully what the different abilities do, how much they cost, whats their duration, cast time etc. so you understand how you should rotate your abilities and how they work.




Food: Max Health & Stamina Food: Braised Rabbit With Spring Vegetables

If you play other race than Redguard or feel like you need more recovery, try:

Food: Max Health & Stamina & Stamina Recovery Food: Dubious Camoran Throne

Potions: Essence Of Weapon Power



warriorThe Warrior:

Increases your Weapon Damage

If you only play solo or want to spec for Maelstrom Arena, use:

loverThe Lover:

Increases your Physical and Spell Penetration




Before you enter combat, apply Deadly Cloak, Relentless Focus and Leeching Strikes. Keep them refreshed whenever they run out. Always cast Soul Harvest when ever you have it ready.

20 Second Rotation:

Endless Hail, LA, Rearming Trap, LA, Razor Caltrops, LA, Poison Injection, Leeching Strikes (If needed), Swap

LA, Rending Slashes, LA, Assassins Scourge, LA, Surprise Attack, LA, Surprise Attack, HA, Deadly Cloak, Swap

Endless Hail, LA, Rearming Trap, LA, Razor Caltrops, LA, Poison Injection, Leeching Strikes (If needed), Swap

LA, Assassins Scourge, HA, Rending Slashes, LA, Surprise Attack, LA, Surprise Attack, HA, Deadly Cloak, Swap



LA, Endless Hail, LA, Rearming Trap, LA, Razor Caltrops, LA, Poison Injection, Swap

LA, Killers Blade, LA, Assassins Scourge, LA, Killers Blade, LA, Killers Blade, Swap


Explanation for Terms:

LA = Light Attack

HA = Heavy Attack

Swap = Switch Bars



Racial: All Passives


  • Assassination: Executioner, Pressure Points, Hemorrhage
  • Shadow: All Passives
  • Siphoning: All Passives

Dual Wield: All Passives

Bow: All Passives

Medium Armor: All Passives

Heavy Armor: Juggernaut

Fighters Guild: All Passives

Undaunted: All Passives

Vampirism (Optional): Supernatural Recovery, Undeath

Alchemy: Medicinal Use



720 CP:


The Lord: 10 Quick Recovery

The Lady: 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 48 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 56 Ironclad, 28 Spell Shield


The Ritual: 52 Thaumaturge, 56 Mighty, 52 Precise Strikes, 32 Piercing

The Atronach: 48 Master At Arms

The Apprentice: –


The Shadow: 31 Shadow Ward, 34 Tumbling

The Lover: 75 Mooncalf, 56 Tenacity

The Tower: 44 Warlord

300 CP:


The Lord: –

The Lady: 27 Hardy, 27 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 23 Ironclad


The Ritual: 20 Thaumaturge, 23 Mighty, 28 Precise Strikes, 29 Piercing

The Atronach: –

The Apprentice: –


The Shadow: –

The Lover: 64 Mooncalf, 36 Tenacity

The Tower: –







  • Updated some outdated information.
  • Fixed typing errors.
  • Added new recommended gear setup and options.


  • Updated build for Dragon Bones DLC.
  • Changes to Champion Points: 10 more points for each constellation.
  • Added a new rotation showcase video.



    1. Shrediful says:

      It will lose to Hundings Rage with a couple percent damage difference as it’s a proc set (effect based on chance). However it can be more easily combined with other sets as it has Jewelry as well, but the set rarely has any use though.

  1. Berenika says:

    How did you get 16-18k in health of you put all points in stamina and all gear enchantment is stamina? If I do that (khajiit, 237 cp), I only have 11k health

    1. Shrediful says:

      You’ll reach comfortable Health numbers by consuming food and having more than 300 CP (Champion Points resource boost at 300 CP) and having all other necessary passives as Undaunted Mettle. If you’re using Dubious Cameran Food, you can use Health enchant on one piece of your armor to reach 16k health.

    1. Shrediful says:

      Yes, certain races are better than others in terms Racial Passives.

      For Stamina based characters the best choice is Redguard, then Khajiit and Orc.

      For Magicka based characters the best choice is Altmer/Dunmer, then Breton and the rest…

      Races have impact mostly on your damage and sustain.

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