Getting Started

Picking Class

We currently have 5 playable Classes with Warden being only for owners of Morrowind Chapter:











What class to pick and for what purpose?

While any class can be played as all roles, there are certain roles some classes do better and worse, which is the reason for this list.

Nightblade: Best used as a Damage Dealer and a Healer.

Templar: Best used as a Healer and a Damage Dealer.

Dragonknight: Best used as a Tank and a Damage Dealer.

Sorcerer: Best used as a Damage Dealer and a Healer.

Warden: Best used as a Tank and a Healer.

Picking Race

You have total of 10 playable races in 3 different alliances available, with Imperial being only for Imperial City DLC owners.

Daggerfall Covenant

  • Breton
  • Redguard
  • Orc

Ebonheart Pact

  • Nord
  • Dark Elf
  • Argonian

Aldmeri Dominion

  • Khajit
  • High Elf
  • Bosmer


  • Imperial

Does my race choice matter?

Yes and no.

As with classes, there are somethings that certain races just are better in because of their racial passives, thus making them more viable choice for a certain character type.

If you’re not planning to engage in any competitive end-game content such as Veteran Trials or competitive PvP, race doesn’t matter that much. However choosing a specific race and class combo can make your overall gameplay much nicer in terms of efficiency.

What races are the best and for what?

Tanking: Argonian, Imperial, Orc, Nord

Damage Dealer (Magicka): High Elf, Dark Elf, Breton, Argonian

Damage Dealer (Stamina): Redguard, Khajit, Orc, Argonian

Healer: Argonian, High Elf, Dark Elf, Breton.

Take note that there are certain exceptions in terms of race/class choice, for example. Dark Elf can be better choice for classes such as Magicka Nightblade and Magicka Dragonknight.

Character Leveling 1 – 50 / CP 10 – 160

Getting Ready

When you start the game with a brand new character, you’ll have access to 3 Class skill lines with 1 ability unlock-able in each skill line. Make sure to unlock each ability and slot them on your Main skill bar.

Accessing Guild Skill Lines

Go to any city which has Fighters & Mage’s Guild to get access to guild skill lines. In Fighters Guild talk to Hall Steward to join them and in Mage’s Guild talk to Magister to join.

Leveling Fighters Guild is very important for all characters, since it contains some very useful passives such as Banish The Wicked and also some must have abilities for Stamina Damage Dealers. This skill line will be easy to level up to 10, especially in Skyreach Catacombs or doing dungeons.

Mage’s Guild is important for Tanks, Healers and Magicka Damage Dealers, since it contains the Inner Light (Morph of Magelight) and Shooting Star (morph of Meteor) ability and some nice passives and other abilities for tanks. This skill line can take some time and might be boring level up, but it’s worth it.


Your next step is to gear yourself according to what kind of character are you making, here’s some gearing options for different character types:

Damage (Stamina): 1 Heavy, 1 Light, 5 Medium armor pieces with Training trait, Epic quality if you can afford it, if not make all armor Superior. 2 Daggers and 1 Bow with a Training trait, upgrade weapons to Epic quality as well if possible.

Damage (Magicka): 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, 5 Light armor pieces with Training trait, Epic quality if you can afford it, if not make all armor Superior. 2 Inferno/Lightning Staves with a Training trait, upgrade weapons to Epic quality as well if possible.

Healer: 7 Light armor pieces with Training trait, Epic quality if you can afford it, if not make all armor Superior. 1 Restoration Staff and 1 Lightning Staff with a Training trait, upgrade weapons to Epic quality as well if possible.

Tank: 1 Medium, 1 Light, 5 Heavy armor pieces with Training trait, Epic quality if you can afford it, if not make all armor Superior. 2 Swords and 2 Shields with Training trait, upgrade weapons and shields to Epic quality as well if possible.

Depending on how you level your character, you need to have at least two sets of training gear during your leveling progress. For overland leveling (questing and dungeons), I’d recommend having a new set of weapons and armor every 10 levels.

For speed leveling (Skyreach Catacombs) I recommend having at least two sets of weapons and armor, first set for level 10 and up, second set from level 30 and up.

Accessing Weapon Skill lines

Equip the weapon(s) you’re gonna need and go kill something with it to unlock the skill line. It may require more than one kill to get it.

During level 1 – 15, you’ll only have one skill bar to use, so let’s take all out of it.
Skill bar has 5 skill slots + Ultimate and after 3 Class abilities we have 2 left + Ultimate.

The remaining two will be for your weapon skill lines. If you need to use more than one weapon type (healers, stamina damage dealers), then you need to use 1 Skill slot for 1 Weapon Skill line.

While leveling you will always have 1 Class ability from each Class Skill line on your bar and 1 or 2 Weapon/Guild Abilities on your bar during leveling progress. It is recommended to level up all your Class abilities to rank IV and only morph the abilities you know you’ll need in the end. Also leveling up all abilities in your Weapon skill lines is higly recommended as well.

During level 15 – 50, you’ll have two skill bars to use.
Now we have access to total of 12 abilities at a time. On both Main and Back bars you will have 3 Class abilities and 2 Weapon/Guild abilities.

If you’re leveling up two different Weapon skill lines for example. Dual Wield and Bow, you can slot 1 Bow Ability to your Dual Wield Bar and one Dual Wield Ability to your Bow bar to level up both skill lines, no matter which skill bar you gain the experience on (only really viable in Skyreach Catacombs, I don’t recommend doing this in overland content).

It’s also recommended to run a daily random normal dungeon once a day to get that 100,000 experience to your character. It eases up the leveling nicely especially if you level up doing quests or other overland content.

What to slot in the Ultimate slots?

Always level up your Class skill line Ultimate abilities (unlocks at level 12) and after you’ve hit level 50 in Weapon Skill line or level 10 in Guild skill line, level them up as well.

Experience Boosts

Depending on how much gold you have access to and what is your leveling style, buy some Ambrosas. There is currently 3 types of them:

Psijic Ambrosa: 50% Experience boost
Aetherial Ambrosa: 100% Experience boost
Mythic Aetherial Ambrosa: 150% Experience boost

If you level in Skyreach Catacombs, it’s recommended to use 100% or 150% ones to get maximum experience out of it and not waste any additional time.
If you level doing overland content, it’s recommended to use 50% or 100% ones.

What is Skyreach Catacombs?

It’s a instanced dungeon in Upper Craglorn, meaning that only you and your group will get in there. This dungeon contains a lot of different types of undead enemies such as Ghosts, Skeletons and Mages. This place can be considered the best experience in the game as long as you do it properly. I will add a video about this later on.

Character Progression CP 160+

Getting Ready

If you have just hit CP 160 or starting to build your character first time with a specific route, respec all your champion points, attributes and skills to make sure you don’t have any skills unlocked you don’t need or wrong morphs of abilities you may have chosen while leveling. Set your attributes right (Stamina, Health, Magicka) and pick up all the passive abilities you need first, that way you make sure you aren’t missing anything important.

Finally, pick all the abilities you need and set up your skill bars right.


Gearing works pretty much the same way as before, but now the gear you’ll get, will stick forever as it’s maximum leveled (CP 160).

Depending on the character type you’re making, choose down below your setup. I will list a great starting set up for all roles. All item pieces are either craftable, buyable or both. These are the recommended setups to use while you’re getting your wanted gear/weapon setup.



Item Set Info:

Hundings Rage

Night Mothers Gaze




Item Set Info:






Item Set Info:


Kagrenacs Hope




Item Set Info:

Hist Bark

Torugs Pact

Plague Doctor

End-Game Gear Acquiring

Monster Sets

Monster sets are a 2 piece item sets that can be acquired by completing Veteran Dungeons and Undaunted Pledges. A specific dungeon’s final boss will always drop a specific monster set head piece, for example. Crypt Of Hearts 1 dungeon drops Ilambris monster helmet. Head pieces can be acquired in all weights, light, medium and heavy.

Second piece of monster sets are shoulders, which can be acquired by completing daily Undaunted Pledges and opening corresponding rewards chests. Below you can find a list for all monster set shoulder pieces and which chest you can get them from.

Opening for example. Maj Al-Ragath’s undaunted chest with 1 Undaunted Key will give you 1 shoulder piece of any of the sets under the name, in any weight and trait. Getting the piece you want can be a gamble.


Dungeon & Trial Sets

When you are CP160 or higher you can start doing veteran dungeons. It is recommended to start with the easier ones to learn the mechanics and get overall feeling of doing them. Many dungeons have some essential sets for certain roles. Dungeons are instanced 4 man group content, which require 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 damage dealers. Some of them can be completed in various other group setups like 1 tank, 3 damage dealers and so on, depending on the dungeon and groups experience.

  • Normal mode dungeons drop Superior quality items. (1 Undaunted key if completing the dungeon as a pledge)
  • Veteran mode dungeons drop Epic quality items and a monster set head piece. (1 Undaunted key if completing the dungeon as a pledge)
  • Veteran hard mode dungeons drop Epic quality items and a monster set head piece. (2 Undaunted keys if completing the dungeon as a pledge)

List of most popular dungeon sets and their drop location:

Automaton (Darkshade Caverns 1 & 2)

Amber Plasm (Ruins Of Mazzatun)

Netch’s Touch (Darkshade Caverns 1 & 2)

Worm’s Raiment (Vaults Of Madness)

Bone Pirate (Blackheart Haven)

Spell Power Cure (White-Gold Tower)

Burning Spellweave (City Of Ash 1 & 2)

Scathing Mage (Imperial City Prison)

Ebon Armory (Crypt Of Hearts 1 & 2)

Shroud Of The Lich (Crypt Of Hearts 1 & 2)


When you are around CP200 or higher and got at least a decent gear setup on yourself, you can start doing normal trials. Doing trials is essential to get some of the must have gear you will need depending on what role do you play. Trials are 12 man group content, which in normal mode require 1 or 2 tanks, 1 or 2 healers, 8 or 10 damage dealers depending on the team mates experience and trial you’re doing. All of them can be completed with 1 tank, 1 healer, 10 damage dealer groups.

  • Normal mode trials drop Superior quality items.
  • Veteran mode trials drop Epic quality items with final boss dropping Legendary quality jewelry.
  • Veteran hard mode trials drop Epic quality items with final boss dropping two pieces of Legendary quality jewelry.

Explanation for terms:
AA = Aetherian Archive, Craglorn
HRC = Hel Ra Citadel, Craglorn
SO = Sanctum Ophidia, Craglorn
MoL = Maw Of Lorkhaj, Reapers March
HoF = Halls Of Fabrication, Vvardenfell
AS = Asylum Sanctorium, Clockwork City

List of useful trial sets and their drop location:

Infallible Aether (AA, HRC, SO)
Vicious Ophidian (AA, HRC, SO)
Mending (AA)
Twice Fanged Snake (SO)
Roar Of Alkosh (MoL)
Moondancer (MoL)
Twilight Remedy (MoL)
War Machine (HoF)
Master Architect (HoF)
Inventors Guard (HoF)
Asylum (AS)

What traits in items are most useful?

I will only mention useful traits, rest of the traits can be considered pretty much useless, but they can have a place in certain situations though.


Divines = Damage Dealers/Healers

Infused = Tanks/PvP

Sturdy = Tanks/PvP

Impenetrable = PvP


Infused = Damage Dealers/Tanks/PvP

Sharpened = Damage Dealers/PvP/Solo

Nirnhoned = Damage Dealers/PvP

Defending = Tanks/Healers/PvP

Precise = Damage Dealers/Healers

Powered = Healers/Tanks/PvP

Gearing Up

As you have got your hands on the gear you need, it’s time to make sure you have properly set it up for your character. Make sure all the traits are correct, you have maximum Legendary enchantments and your armor is upgraded to at least Epic quality.

It is highly recommended to always upgrade your weapons to Legendary, as they provide a major boost to Spell and Weapon Damage which boosts your Damage/Healing done and other effects.

Always make sure you have certain amount of armor pieces of certain type equipped, otherwise you’ll miss a lot of effectiveness from your Armor Skill line’s passives.

For Damage Dealers (Magicka) you want to have 5 Light, 1 Heavy, 1 Medium

For Damage Dealers (Stamina) you want to have 5 Medium, 1 Heavy, 1 Light or 6 Medium, 1 Heavy.

For Healers you want to have all armor pieces Light.

For Tanks you want to have 5 Heavy, 1 Medium, 1 Light.

Usually the secondary pieces of different weights (1 Heavy, 1 Medium for example) comes from Monster Set as they’re obtainable in all weights, unlike some armor sets.

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